Extra Heavy Duty Re-handling & Digging Buckets – 8mm shell

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Extra Heavy Duty Re-handling Buckets

High quality construction, designed and manufactured at our facility in Neath, South Wales.

These buckets are suited to all types of material handling, as well as for digging. 


  • Bucket shell from 8mm plate
  • Heat treated cutting edge to Brinel 400
  • Wear Straps to sides in 12mm plate, continuously welded
  • Skid Plates to centre and sides in 12mm plate
  • Formed box section across top of bucket for addition strength
  • Corner gusset’s for extra support to side plates

Additional Options , can be supplied with: 

  • Bolt-on reversible heat treated cutting edges
  • Bolt-o digging teeth

Please note, all of our Extra Heavy Duty Re-handling Buckets are made to order (+/- 7 days).

For any enquiries or specific requirements – Please give us a call!
You won’t be disappointed!

Additional information


XD 1.98m (6' 6") 0.71cum level / 0.91cum heaped, XD 1.98m (6' 6") 0.93cum level / 1.13cum heaped, XD 2.13m (7' 0") 0.76cum level / 0.99cum heaped, XD 2.13m (7' 0") 0.99cum level / 1.25cum heaped, XD 2.13m (7' 0") 1.25cum level / 1.53cum heaped, XD 2.28m (7' 6") 0.82cum level / 1.05cum heaped, XD 2.28m (7' 6") 1.08cum level / 1.36cum heaped, XD 2.28m (7' 6") 1.33cum level / 1.64cum heaped, XD 2.28m (7' 6") 1.59cum level / 1.67cum heaped, XD 2.28m (7' 6") 1.98cum level / 2.38cum heaped


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